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OMG! I cannot get my daily warez fix!
Published on November 18, 2003 By MadIce In Personal Computing
It is alarming that when the unlawfull distribution of intellectual property has been limited that people claim information has been censored. Censorship has nothing to do with getting your daily warez fix and stealing.

on Nov 18, 2003
What I dont understand is why these companies don't just unsubscribe from the warez/mp3z/moviez groups entirely. I doubt it would heave nearly as much bad press or push back as all the broadband providers who say "You can't run a server, which includes Kazaa etc"
on Nov 18, 2003
what about the messages that aren't warez related? or sharing files that aren't copyright protected (free stuff, demo mp3 songs given away, etc).

are you really saying that it's ok that one innocent guy is punished so long as ten warez guys are punished as well?
on Nov 18, 2003
I'm saying when 90% of the content of a particular newsgroup is illegal files, it would be justifiable.

To be honest i'm very surprised most ISP's carry USENET at all these days since the VAST majority of their customers dont even know that it exists. I cant even imagine how much daily bandwidth is used to replicate all the binary groups.

I think it's much more reasonable for an ISP to block filesharing and binary newsgroup access than to be petty about my "running a web server". Yet I can use Kazaa....but I have to change the port of my exchange server's web access.