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Published on October 3, 2003 By MadIce In Pure Technology
The Ig Nobel awards, a spoof of the Nobel Awards, have been presented in the US.

Among the winners were a University College London team who showed the brains of London taxi drivers were different from average people, because they become enlarged in the zone associated with navigation.

The annual awards, for people whose achievements "cannot or should not be reproduced", were presented at a spoof ceremony at Harvard University.

They are handed out by the science/humour magazine, Annals of Improbable Research, to real academics and others whose work might strike people's funny bones.

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on Oct 04, 2003
"Kees Moeliker, of Natuurmuseum Rotterdam in the Netherlands, won the biology prize for being the first scientist to record homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck."

this now beats out the mtv movie awards as best awards show...ever.