Things that bug MadIce
A new virus in a fourthnight.
Published on November 14, 2003 By MadIce In Pure Technology
It looks we can do great things like removing toxic waste by creating a virus from scratch.

So "we" now can design a real virus from scratch in a fourtnight. Everyone seems thrilled, but it gives me the creeps if I read about it.

In one article I read:

"However, the method is not yet suitable to make the artificial chromosome, the team concedes, as the viruses produced were not perfect, it turns out. They had mutations most probably introduced by initial errors in the original oligonucleotides, so the technique will have to be coupled with others designed to correct those errors."

Let's hope that these guys know what they are doing and that they do not create a "buggy virus" by accident.

The method to build the virus will not be patented, so it will be available to everyone interested.

"But the method equally makes it much simpler to manufacture a deadly virus for use as a bioweapon. The simple precursors needed would be impossible for governments to keep out of the hands of would-be biowarriors."

And who knows what will happen when Microsoft gets into the virus creation bussiness. Bill seems to like that stuff. He invests a lot of money in projects like these. As a hobby. MadIce shivers.

on Nov 14, 2003
Reality is weirder and scarier than any fiction could ever be.
on Nov 14, 2003
Hehe. You are right about that. I am often amazed with what science offers us. When I was younger I kept dreaming about how the future would look. Once I've arrived there it looks like we are still living in the middle ages with things like the market and religion, but on the other hand new developments like these would appear in my imagination a century later.
on Nov 16, 2003
Oh, BTW: I didn't want to imply that Bill invested money in this particular project.