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December 11, 2003 by MadIce
What do you think companies can come up with when faced with people illegally sharing copyrighted material such as music or movies? One solution would be to encrypt the files and allow only people who have payed for it to play such files (DRM). Another would be to store a reference to a streamed and encrypted file. The latter is known as "content reference". When using files that do not contain the actual data, but just a reference to where the data is to be found one circumvents the problem ...
November 18, 2003 by MadIce
It is alarming that when the unlawfull distribution of intellectual property has been limited that people claim information has been censored. Censorship has nothing to do with getting your daily warez fix and stealing.
October 6, 2003 by MadIce
The US should follow Europe's lead against spam, according to an eagerly awaited report published today by the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group (APIG). That's how an article of The Register starts. Will just rules help to actually prevent spam? Why wouldn't spammers escape these rules and why wouldn't they move outside the US and EU to continue the spamming the world? Maybe we should replace the current e-mail standard and look for a secure international or defacto standard that is able...
October 5, 2003 by MadIce
In the past a PC contained a chip (BIOS: Basic Input/Output System) which allowed an operating system to communicate with the hardware. This could be any operating system, including DOS, Windows, Linux, etc. Now Microsoft and Phoenix have teamed up to create a BIOS targeted to the next generation of Windows. The new BIOS may include Microsoft's Digital Rights Management (DRM) and a system which prevents the use of "unauthorized devices". Of course the BIOS will have other features, but these two...
September 18, 2003 by MadIce
I am not against ads on websites, but there are limits what I can handle. Popup ads are disgusting, but VeriSign goes one step further in irritating people. See the link below.
September 17, 2003 by MadIce
Have any of you seen ? This Google site (in beta) is a fully automated news site. According to Google: "The headlines that appear on Google news are selected entirely by computer algorithms, based on how and where the stories appear elsewhere on the web. There are no human editors at Google selecting or grouping the headlines and no individual decides which stories get top placement. This occasionally results in some articles appearing to be out of context." I like t...